The Tomb of Athena was a mistake!

Holy frakballs, this is amazing. Kevin Grazier, the science advisor for Battlestar Galactica, says in an interview that one of his biggest regrets in the history of the show is that they screwed up the science behind the planetarium show in the Tomb of Athena. This is major because I know MANY people based their theories and understanding of the show’s mythology on the implications of that scene. Specifically, if the Tomb of Athena shows what the constellations look like from Earth, then that implies that the person who built the tomb has actually been to Earth to see the constellations. But nowhere in the rest of the show’s mythology do we ever hear of someone from Earth going back to Kobol to build the tomb, or inform the builders of the tomb about the constellations.

I personally believed that the thirteenth tribe left Kobol under friendly circumstances, and after finding Earth, they established a trade route or a diplomatic envoy or something that would have given them the chance to return to Kobol and tell them about the constellations. Another fan theory holds that the people on Kobol came from Earth originally, and so they already knew about the star patters as seen from Earth. Clearly, a great deal of thought has gone into this on the part of many fans! And now we find out that it was all essentially the result of a poorly-thought-out turn of the plot. Hmph!

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